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Our festive December 
offer (40% off!) expires in:
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Prioritise You

prioritise // (verb) designate or treat (something) as being very or most important.
Providing the online support system, membership community and accountability you need to make YOU a priority.

Guided monthly home and gym workouts 
Energising and calming Yoga flows
& refreshingly simple (diet/starvation-free) nutrition guidance with monthly Q&A's.

Designed for busy people who want to feel (and look) better and have more energy.

No more putting yourself to the bottom of the list.


Jess and Tom Dyer

Prioritise You

prioritise // (verb) designate or treat (something) as being very or most important.
Providing the online support system, membership community and accountability you need to make YOU a priority.

Guided monthly home and gym workouts 
& refreshingly simple (diet/starvation-free) nutrition guidance with monthly Q&A's.

Designed for busy people who want to feel (and look) better and have more energy.

No more putting yourself to the bottom of the list.

* Designed for busy people who want to feel better and achieve more, by doing less.


Jess and Tom Dyer

Great to Meet You.

"If we haven't met before, I'm Tom (left) and I'm Jess (right), and we are a husband and wife team.

We set up Prioritise You so we could bring our knowledge, expertise and passion of fitness, nutrition, cooking and yoga together, to support you no matter where you are in the world."

The Prioritise You Programme
Wrapped up in a subscription-style membership, husband and wife team Tom and Jess share refreshingly effective monthly guided home & gym workouts and simplified nutrition guidance, so you can follow month by month.

The result? You will feel stronger, healthier, happier, fitter and more energised (and your body will naturally re-calibrate in weight, if that is a goal of yours).

All as a side effect of making YOU a priority, and focusing on everyday proven rituals that will get your headspace, energy and your body feeling fantastic.

Providing the online support system, membership community and accountability you need to make YOU a priority.
Prioritise You is our health philosphy, where we take care of ourselves first.

Health to us is: kind, it's happy, it's strong, and it's fun.

We've found with our clients that when they make themselves a priority, despite both work and family/social demands, they are more effective in everything they do.

They feel better.

They think better.

They have more energy.

They are happier.

More positive.

They move better.

They function better.

And weight loss (if there is weight loss to be had), happens, because they are in a routine of exercisin and eating well, and they're in a better headspace.

We shouldn't have to sacrifice our health and our body to keep up with work and fit in with our family and friends.

Our ethos: Body first, business second.
Watch the video 
to learn more...

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Success Stories.


"You’ve both put so much effort into the programme. I’m REALLY enjoying it and feel that it’s something I can take forward in the long term. Results have been great so far too (had a sneaky step on scales today and was delighted - albeit could tell anyway that things were heading in the right direction). Feel so energised and positive. Love being a part of the group :-) "


I feel like I have more clarity of mind, WAY more energy. I haven’t been this chipper in Jan/Feb since I was a child!! 

Just finished my Week 4 Workout B and I can definitely feel the difference!! I managed to also go to the pool and do a water workout earlier which is the first time I have been to the gym since rupturing my Achilles last year!! Hooray!!"


"All my life I have dieted for aesthetics and body image switching between starvation and fasting and fad diets but i never followed a programme for my wellbeing and health..until now...it really changes your mindset and you start to see beyond the body shape ideal and i have begun to respect and appreciate my body more for what it does for me every day and I appreciate like never before what i have in terms of health and im seeing my skin improving and sleeping better and I’m eating and exercising consciously and zero alcohol and zero junk food and not missing it at all because i now choose good nutritious nutritious food and it feels nourishing.. it really is a reset and a change of mindset for me personally thank you for all of it Jess + Tom can’t wait to continue this programme xxx"


"Working towards a goal. Doing workouts consistently. Not feeling hungry and enjoying my meals. The eczema on my face has disappeared.  Being part of a community of others doing the same and knowing that they and you have my back. I truly have enjoyed all these things - and your amazing videos. I wouldn't dream of doing this with anyone else."


"This 8 week body reset program is just the beginning of our new mindful journey into feeling healthier, more energised etc by eating tasty nutritious food with exercises‘s which can be adjusted to your strength & fitness. I could not could have done this without Jess and Tom’s program & amazing support 💖🙏"


"What have I enjoyed the most? The recipes, the facebook group, the personal contact from you both. Learning to love myself and focus on improving my health instead of aesthetic goals."


"This programme is so great and you soon start to feel its positive impact on your body/mind/health and wellbeing.. plus the menu plan has some great recipes - and this group is fab and super supportive which totally helps boost you achieving your milestones  😃🏋️ I have found the yoga flow very useful and i did it last night before many bath and bed - feeling amazing and was able to get into my size 10 black dress for trustees meeting and was reunited with a waist!! Thanks Jess + Tom!


"I've loved all of it! The awareness, education, exercise, positivity, RESULTS. I feel better in terms of my overall health picture. Love the concept of progress not perfection. You are the best!"


"Loving all the recipes, all very tasty and satisfying and the workouts have been great too. Looking forward to some yoga during the weekend."

Trust us: We see hundreds of ‘Weight Loss’ programmes, different trainings & all the associated promises. We also see you out there trying to piecemeal a plan together.....you want results, you want to look & FEEL great, but more than that, you need to know how to do it whilst juggling everything else in your life AND making it a practical fit for you.

For the last combined 25+ years working in the health/fitness industry, we've noticed some common barriers to a regular exercise practice and yoga routine; time, money and geography. This platform has been designed to help overcome those, with a subscription style membership that allows you to exercise, move, breathe and learn wherever you are. 


What's Included?
  • Menu plan with simple, delicious and balanced meals for you to recreate at home
  • ​3 new recipes every month
  • ​Monthly nutrition Q&A video rounding up your most popularly requested nutrition questions, so you can get your questions answered by an expert as they crop up
  • ​A monthly guest interview, sharing real and practical advice and insights into the most popularly requested topic of the month, examples include: sleep, food psychology, productivity or navigating life with balance (and happiness)
  • ​Nutrition explanation videos to make fat loss and energy gain simple, understandable, and inspiring to follow.
  • ​Dispelling myths and simplifying your nutrition
  • 3 x 30 minute follow-along home workouts (using dumbbells)
  • ​3 x gym workouts
  • ​All workouts include a dynamic warm up, energising workout with exercise progressions for different fitness levels and a restorative cool down
  • ​1 x 30 minute yoga flow
  • ​1 x 10 minute yoga flow
  • ​These workouts are fully scalable according to your fitness/ability level - we all start somewhere!
  • Every month we will explore micro habits that will cause you to move, eat and think in a much more positive way.
  • ​You will gain an exercise and eating routine which fits in with your life and is sustainable. Having a routine and a set of positive habits that you've practiced week in, week out is priceless. Our body loves routine.
  • ​Closing the gap between what we know we ‘should’ do and what we actually do is all down to our psychology, limiting beliefs and ultimately taking action - we explore these factors.
  • ​Monthly goal forms, fortnightly measurement trackers to record your wins & keep you on track.  
  • ​​Make yourself a priority (after months/years of looking after everyone but you)
  • ​Exercise consistently
  • ​Increase your energy levels
  • ​Lose weight 
  • ​Tone up
  • ​Get leaner
  • ​Feel happier mentally
  • ​Get fitter
Meet Your Coaches.
As a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and ‘foodie’, I am passionate about the power of food, movement and our mindset, and the influence, positive or negative, it has on our health. 

My mission is to educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their health & body shape goals.

When you understand exactly how your body works & what it needs to thrive, you can quickly shift the production of what you're physically & mentally able to do each day.

Inspiring people to take micro steps to turn their health around is my passion, and in my 10+ years of working in the health and fitness industry, I've found that it's sometimes the most simple changes (performed consistently) that make the biggest difference. I've also realised that it's not a lack of information that's often the issue, it's having it put across in a way that's relatable, inspiring & feels achievable. 

By running my nutrition clinic, exercise classes & teaching high-end nutrition workshops to businesses around the world, I am able to turn her body of knowledge into a simple, straight-forward process that gets results & avoids unnecessary overwhelm and frustration to save my clients time.

I live on the island of Menorca where I run my Online Nutrition Clinic and Online Workout Club from, and when I'm not in my yoga/workout gear, I spend my days in denim shorts and a swimming costume with a cafetiere of chai tea by my desk, a smoothie of some kind in hand (usually of the green or berry variety) and our two-year-old rescue dog 'Boni' never far away.

I love travelling the world & hibernating in the winter in my comfiest socks, yoga pants and pineapple-esque hair. I love to get out into nature, picnic on a deserted beach and stroll along the coast with a hot tea and homemade hiking bar in my backpack.
As a leading Personal Trainer, fitness expert & Nutrition Coach, I have worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs , high level executives, top class athletes & clients around the globe to rapidly upgrade their energy, transform their bodies, & enhance mental clarity. 

I teach smart ways for creating more energy, more mental clarity, & more stamina throughout the day. 

My approach focusses on simplicity, having fun, giving insight into why exercises and foods are chosen & increasing areas of life such as sleep, energy, mood, longevity, and other areas holistically connected to the above.

Most days you can find me in Menorca, Spain. I am mostly known for personal training/coaching either online or in person here on the island and for me work with Beach Clean Menorca. I'm passionate about sustainability and keeping our seas (and beaches) free of plastic - so you'll often find me organising beach cleans and gathering like-minded people together to do our bit for the island and our planet. We walk, talk, free up the beaches of tonnes of plastic - a great way to socialise and keep fit!

People often refer to me as someone who takes pride in what they do and getting lasting results is important to me. I love serving the world by helping people improve their health and self image. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are my nutritionist wife Jess, my family, adventuring outdoors here in Menorca, hiking and travelling the world.

I work with people that are time poor who deserve results. Each of us is different so treating everyone with that difference in mind helps get sustainable results. 

More Success Stories.


"Definitely feeling better and stronger. More energy and that showed in this morning’s boxing session with Luke. Loving the positivity of the FB group.

Can’t wait for the next set of exercises.Stay strong everyone!"


"All of the positive videos and support from this Facebook group is amazing. And helps when you feel you have slipped up, to easily jump back on the wagon, or zig! 

 The exercises slot nicely into my erratic schedule. But it is nice doing it ‘along’ with other people. I think everyone needs this group in their lives! Xx"


"I have loved the continuity and support from Team Jess & Tom . I am really inspired by this great way of eating healthily and exercising through you’re supportive videos  🙏🙏😊😊"


"Exercise A done. Really pleased with my form and improvement compared to Week 1. 40 star jumps J & T and double press ups!!! Yahoo 👍😉 Nowhere near that in week 1. Worked hard with good form throughout. Feeling good."


"I love the 8 Week Body Reset! It fits perfectly into my life, so much easier than waiting for a gym class that isn't at the time you want it to be!!! And I can get in my jeans again : ) "


"Half way through and I can feel such a difference already, not only physically but mentally too. On a side note, I have always had very problematic skin and I can definitely see/feel a big improvement 😄

Thanks for everyone’s ongoing support and motivational posts ⭐️😎 they have certainly helped me, especially when I’ve felt low."


"Workout B 🏋🏻♀️ ✅ - love the exercises - highlight needs to be the high seals. Not sure whether because 1) I am stronger or 2) it has become a habit 3) level of commitment or 4) all of the above - all the best with your respective workouts."


"Feeling calmer, happier in myself and more patient with others. Feel more energised

I'm really glad I joined this programme - I've loved it and feel it’s given me lots of great habits that I can and will take forward - protein with every meal and snacks in between to keep energy levels up - manageable ½ hr exercise sessions that really can fit in with busy schedule - meditation - morning routine - hydration .....

Love the group and your approach and attitude"


"I am just at the half way point. Thank you to Tom & Jess for their programme & their individual support. Life’s not easy, but having a “go to” routine helps guide you back on track 🤞"


"What I’ve loved :

✅ Fridge and cupboards full of healthy food with lots of new ingredients 

✅ Structure to meal planning which avoids random snacking 

 ✅ Pre planned timed workouts better than making them up myself and mean that I don’t get distracted between sets 

✅ Really delicious healthy recipes that are not too prescriptive and can be flexed depending on what stage you’re at 

✅ Not usually one for smoothies but finding them really delicious and surprisingly filling 

✅Not missed alcohol (or the calories contained therein!) - have enjoyed couple of Seedlip and slimline tonic in nice big gin glass instead (although off to Amsterdam overnight tonight so suspect may have a couple!)

✅Skin feels great and bags under eyes have receded. 

Only downside is needing to go to the loo all the time thanks to all the water and herbal teas - good excuse to stretch legs when in office though 😂"


"After a demanding work week I have done each of the workouts which definitely pushed me and i have enjoyed the focus this is giving me and the recipes and menu planning is my big win; to stop me snacking and drinking lattes between meetings. 

The FB group is wonderful for support and ideas and everyone is doing so well. I've been taking stairs rather than lift and have enjoyed the workouts and yoga flow - even after a long work week i have felt so much more healthy and alert this evening on my commute home than ever - so far so good and thank you Jess + Tom this programme is fab"


"Just a quick post to say how much we (my partner is also joining in) are rating the food. We made the quinoa salad yesterday and it was delish!!There was enough left over for today too. 

Overall we are really enjoying the food and finding it to be straight forward, satiating and tasty. Hope you have all had a wonderful day!Michelle x"

Why we're different from other programmes out there:
Worried about this being another one of those programmes or great ideas that you have all the best intentions of completing, but life gets in the way?

With daily support in the private accountability FB group and the option of opting of the Plus membership where we will check in with you 3 x a month, you will have Jess + Tom’s support.

The videos are deliberately made so you can hit 'play' and do the workout from start to finish with us, no need to count reps or worry about how to do a certain exercise - we'll give you points on form as we do each exercise so you can focus on just showing up, and doing your best.

You will have access to an exclusive online community connecting you with your fellow Prioritise You members (aka your accounta-buddies) to keep you supported, inspired and committed on the move.
We have designed the programme with a combined 25 years of experience under our belts helping 1000's of clients in the gym and in Jess's nutrition clinics.

We Poll the membership community every month to ask you what your biggest challenges are and what you'd most like to learn each month, that way we can keep your education journey current, real, evidence-based and practical.

 Nobody needs overwhelm, so we bring in the experts where needed to support you with your biggeest questions.

The Menu Plan is nutritionally balanced and delicious; this is Jess's area.

The follow along workouts specifically designed for maximum fat burning results - you’ll understand why this programme is designed the way it is.
With a fortnightly reminder to do your measurements if you're on the Plus membership, you won't be left to your own devices.

Tracking your progress every other week is the ideal amount of time to notice and feel changes from the previous check-in two weeks prior, keeping your momentum going.

It also gives you the opportunity to acknowledge the positive shifts in your body (and mind) and to celebrate the progress as you go along.

You'll notice we make a recommendation to get a movement and heart rate tracker, this is optional but it allows you, Tom and I to track your fitness levels over the programme and for us to give you a thumbs up on each of your workouts over the weeks. 

We share instructions for how to link your tracking device up to our account so we can track your movement!

IMAGINE . . . 
What would it look like to have an updated fitness programme every month, to keep you exercising enjoyable from the comfort of your home/local gym consistently 3+ times a week, after weeks, months or even years of putting everyone else first?

To have prioritised you.

What differences will you feel in your body?

To have an online membership community and the support of Jess and Tom to support you in fulfilling your goals?

These weeks and months are going to fly by anyway, so why not make you a real focus during these upcoming months and let us support you in feeling a lot more energised, supported and looked after than you do now?
What's the Investment?
Two options, depending on how much support and accountability you would like from us.
£27 per month
You will receive:

>  3 x monthly home workouts
> 3 x monthly gym workouts
>  2 yoga flows (1 x 10 min flow, 1 x 30 minute flow)
3 x recipes per month
> Monthly nutrition/mindset/success/fitness Q&A video with either Jess and Tom or an expert guest speaker
>  Access to the private Facebook group and your online membership community

*This is a monthly membership which is billed every 4 weeks with the option of upgrading to the 'Prioritise You +' membership at any time.
£127 per month
You will receive everything in the Priortise You bundle, plus:

>  Goal setting at the start of each month with a personalised voicenote from Jess and Tom reviewing your goals
>  Goal review at the end of the month with a round up voice note from Jess and Tom
>  Fortnightly measurement tracking and photo submitting
>  Follow up message if we haven't received your measurements/photos (for added accountability)

*This is a monthly membership which is billed every 4 weeks with the option of dropping down to the 'Prioritise You' membership at any time.
PrioritiseYou+ [saver]
£697 for 6 months (saving £65)
Pay upfront for 6 months and you will receive everything in the Priortise You + bundle whilst enjoying a £65 saving.

This is a one-time 6 monthly membership after which you will have the option of:

* Extending your 'Prioritise You+' membership by another 6 months
* Switching to a monthly 'Prioritise You+' membership, or 
* Dropping down to the 'Prioritise You' membership.
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More Success Stories.


"Feeling great...sleeping great and my husband asked me today what I’d done to my face as my wrinkles have gone (not sure if a compliment or not ha ha but i took it well!!) but just to say I am enjoying this journey and feels like I’m am nourishing my body and I am on control of it and feeling better for it thank you so much Jess + Tom xx😘"


"My work shirts are fitting much better. Such a good feeling."


"I dug out my summer clothes ready for my holiday tomorrow and was trying them on to decide which to take and am delighted to report that they’re all fitting SO much better than they did in the summer - some of them haven’t been worn for around 4 years but are back in the mix now thanks to this programme 😊

I also did the ‘dress test’ the other day – tried on 3 dresses that had got too tight to wear – and all fit so much better!  I’m quite surprised at how much the measurements have changed in only 2 weeks. Wearing a bikini on our cruise in 3 weeks’ time doesn’t sound quite so daunting now!"

"It's a life changing programme. The way I view food and my relationship with food has is completely different at the end of this challenge. 

I look forward to my smoothie every morning and miss it if I don't have it then I need to have veggies and a salad with every meal! It’s wonderful to have taken back control."
"I've lost 7kg since starting the challenge (7 weeks ago) and my body shape has changed dramatically accordingly. 

I have totally changed the way I think about and see food and am so much happier for it."
 "The programme has been a super supportive way to learn better habits and focus on health, as well as change from the inside. I've lost inches and learnt lessons!"
"My energy levels are like nothing I have ever experienced, my weight continues to go down as do my measurements and I have now lost 10cm on my legs, and 7 cm on my waist."
"Jess, I'm loving the workouts, I’ve never felt better or fitter and the support you give is second to none so thank you very much for the past year."
"It's not a diet. It's not calorie counting. It's not a fad. And you will LEARN so much."

"Week 7 wow! I have enjoyed (nearly 😉) every minute of it. Just completed Workout A Weeks 5-8 and upped dumbells to 8kg. Made it soooo much tougher and beetroot face is back with a vengeance. Some light stretching post workout with box breathing helped 😊

Watched the vids which are super informative but think I may need to watch a few more times and maybe take some notes for it all to sink in. Love the idea of a food / emotions journal as I’m certainly someone that food soothes. 🌟💫"


"The Support has helped hugely with motivation, morale and keeping going and avoiding temptation!!

The new videos for week 7 are really helpful I enjoyed them - it helps bring clarity and so good to know how this reset programme is the start to nourishing and caring for our bodies forever and being mindful of what and how we eat and i am looking forward to reset 2.0 to continue the programme - thank you Jess + Tom !!"


"Just finished A for this week. Really pleased. Fluent burpees and 2 more. Higher knees. Stronger all round. Completed the set so much better than last time. Glad I listened to my body last week and let it recover. I will do the other B and C before Sunday. . . .with the Yoga, which helped my recovery, for sure. Nearly at my target weight after 7 weeks. It's doable now. Dream - Believe - Achieve peeps. We can do anything we really want to if we put our minds to it. . . I really believe this. I was really down last year after suffering the agony of plantar fasciitis and was not happy in my own skin. Now, thanks to this cleverly constructed and well thought out plan I feel like my old - yes, I have to realise I am getting older so my expectations and goals need to be appropriate - self again. Have a great day peeps."

Meet Some of Our 
8 Week Body Reset Graduates

Who Are Now Members of Prioritise You

44 year-old working mum, who works very long hours. 
Goal: get health on track and loose 10kg before 45 
Wife and working mum looking for a kickstart to break some habits.
Goal: get fitter, more toned and healthier
67 year old pensioner, mum and carer
Goal: shift some weight following an injury
The variety of follow-along home workouts, gym workouts plus at home yoga flows with extra videos on form, allow you to train from your preferred place, knowing you are in trusted hands.

With our quick & easy recipes, ongoing eductation and being plugged into a community filled with like-minded people who want to learn, get healthier and expand their friendship group with people with like-interests, you have our total support when it comes to achieving your health/fitness goals.
If you think you don't have the time, energy or equipment to get in shape, then this Prioritise You programme is for you. 

We'll show you how just a small amount of exercise each day, together with the right nutrition will help burn fat & transform your body.

The best part?

It's NOT about deprivation. 

We're putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to your body.
Q: Right now is a busy time for me, I’m worried I won’t have time! Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?
A: This programme is deliberately designed for the busy in mind.

The exercise can all be done at your own speed, in your own time, but we recommend starting, and committing to the exercise part which is 10-30 minutes a day because our bodies are designed to move.

Being too busy to exercise is an excuse we can very easily tell (and convince) ourselves, but if we truly look into how we spend our days and our weeks, we can carve out 10-30 minutes for our bodies - it all comes down to priorities.

This programme is called 'Prioritise You' - and now is as great a time as any to adopt this ethos.

Once you begin to move more, it's amazing how much more energy you'll feel and how much more productive you'll be in the time you do have.

You can listen / re-listen as many times as you need! Everyone’s journey will look a little different and that’s the beauty of it.
Q: How long will I have access to the content? Will the course expire? 
A: For as long as your membership is active, you will have access to the new monthly workouts/yoga flows/recipes, as well as the Facebook group to bring the power of community to your daily life.

Each new month, we will share

3 x 30 minute home workouts
3 x gym workouts
2 Yoga practices (1 x 10-12 minute long practice, 1 x 30 minute practice)
3 x recipes
1 x health/fitness/mindset Q&A with either Jess + Tom or a guest speaker

You will have access to the videos for your month 1, as well as the workouts from the month prior to you joining.
Q: I don’t know if I'm ready to begin just yet, why should I join now? How will this help me? 
A: This is the time. Here’s what we think: you can hang on another week, month or year, but when that time comes, you’re going to wish you had started today. Sure, your results might take time & you might not jump in & do everything perfectly, but time will pass anyway. Trust us, your future self will thank you for taking a leap today!  
Q: If I want to cancel, how do I cancel?
If you no longer wish to subscribe to Prioritise You, you can cancel your membership at any time. You will continue to have access to all the content and classes/workouts until your current billing cycle ends.
Q: My goal is to ____fill in the blank____ , will this work for me?
A: Here’s the good news, the programme set out in the Prioritise You programme is specifically geared for results. 

Contrary to popular belief; whether you wan't to lose weight, tone up, build lean muscle, trim down, or just live a healthy lifestyle, the underlying principles are the same. Health is health, and a side effect of being in great health, is having a body shape that reflects as much. Staying consistent with the programme, no matter what your starting point will get you exactly the results you're looking for. 
Q: I’ve bought other health/ fitness courses before and have been disappointed. I’m worried this is “just another fitness/weight loss course.” How is yours different? 
A: Here is what the Prioritise You programme isn’t: it isn’t a miracle cure - you will get out what you put in. Keep in mind also that this is not a DIET; it's a lifestyle & this programme gives you the tools so you feel empowered in your health/fitness strategy. 

We are invested health professionals who are set on making sure you get results. When you get results, we get results. It's a total win-win.

This course is about enabling you to get lasting RESULTS.
Q: My time is limited, how much time will I need to set aside each week to make the recipes, do the workouts & watch the videos? 
A: Since this is a go-at-your-own-pace course, it will differ for everyone. 

The plan has been deliberately made simple & easy to follow & we love that you can pause during your busy weeks, take the videos on the go, and revisit a lesson when you’re feeling stuck. 

The recipes are quick, the exercise is quick yet effective so you'll find you gain time elsewhere in your day from your increased productivity.

We meet people every day in our online workout and nutrition clinic who have the exact time struggles as you due to life being busy, which is why we're wrapped up this challenge the way we have. 
Q: I’m new to exercise and don’t know if I will like the exercise?
A: Whether you’re new to exercise or a pro, there are variations from beginners, intermediate and advanced so there’s something for everyone. 

The exercise starts off at 10 minutes each day or 3 x 30 minute workouts a week with a 10-30 minute yoga flow which we recommend doing once or twice a week.

We recommend that you get a couple of sets of dumbbells, a set of resistance bands and an exercise mat (Kit List available in the membership area) and then you can do the workouts in your own home.

The idea is to get the body moving daily to increase your metabolism without having to take a big chunk out of your day to devote to getting to the gym.
Q: What type of yoga classes will be shared?
A: I (Jess) teach yoga. I try not to put a label on my style of yoga, or fit it into a box, but here is my ethos.

My approach is holisitc and accessible, nurturing yet empowering. It's not about 'easy' or 'hard' yoga flows because that looks different to each of us depending on our body and how we're feeling on a given day.

The goal is to finish a practice feeling calmer, more centred, perhaps stronger, more in touch with how we're feeling, to have taken the time to breathe, to enjoy stillness, to invite challenge to our body, but overall, to have carved out time for ourselves.
Q: Does the programme cater for different dietary preferences?
Vegetarian - This programme is vegetarian friendly. You’ll need to swap out some of the ingredients for veggie friendly ones, but we have lots of vegetarians who have successfully completed this programme. 

Vegan - A lot of the recipes contain eggs, fish or meat so you’ll need to swap in vegan friendly ingredients in place of the vegan not so friendly ingredients. 

Gluten-free - 100% of the meals and recipes are gluten free so this programme is ideal for people sensitive or intolerant to gluten.

Paleo - The majority of the meals are paleo friendly so you will fit in very well on this programme if you follow a paleo way of eating.
Q: Will I be hungry? 
Deprivation or hunger is not our style. 

Our clients are always so surprised at how full and satisfied they feel, even though they're eating less. There is a reason why we receive this feedback - our Menu Plan is intentionally designed with fundamental nutritional science principles.

Your food will be nutritionally balanced, you will be taught how to eat to fill you up, and how to eat for successful weight loss, without having to dip into your willpower reserve. 

No starvation diets on our watch.
Q: Will I like the recipes? I'm also not a very good cook - will I be able to make them?!
No matter what your goal is, we believe food should be packed full of flavour and deliver enjoyment. This plan is no different. The recipes are quick, delicious and simple to prepare, no matter what your skills are in the kitchen. 
Q: I'm worried about food/alcohol deprivation - should I be?
A: The programme focusses on what you CAN have more than what you CAN'T have. In order to gain maximum benefits there will be foods you’ll be encouraged to eliminate but you’ll always be explained why. The benefits of feeling amazing, far outweigh cutting a few habits and foods from your diet.

Deprivation isn't our style, but results are. We'll work with you to strike a balance that gets you the results you want (and deserve).
Q: I feel so isolated and alone in this health journey sometimes, does this programme offer a community? 
A: With this programme, you will get access to an online community of like-minded people all on a quest to get stronger, fitter, trimmer and healthier. With the support and positive encouragement, it can give you the lift when you need a pick-me-up and you can share your wins with the group and celebrate your success together. 

Doing it as part of a group and having my support throughout allows you to take the overwhelm out of the equation. You are doing this programme for yourself but not by yourself, we're here to support you every step of the way and you’ll have a group of like-minded health seekers on the journey with you, helping to answer your questions and support you should you need that support.
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